@wpbru: WordPress May Meetup

Tuesday, May 20th is the next Brussels WordPress Meetup.


  • Writing Lean by Richard Medic.
    Richard will share his own writing methodology and talk about how you can develop your own methodology to fit your audience and goals.
  • Designing URLs by Kristof Bernaert
    How to devise a strategy for your URL structure and why it matters.

All info on www.meetup.com

First Antwerp WordPress Meetup!

Monday May, 5th there will be the First Antwerp WordPress Meetup. Tom Hermans will get you into Responsible Web Design and Toon Van de Putte will share the story of klasse.be, probably the largest Belgian WordPress multisite.

Dave Loodts and Veerle Verbert will be your hosts and they’re planning on making the first a must-have-been-to (just to get you there ;) & to be the first of many.

So join the group & RSVP!

@wpbru: Plug-in Creation Project

The Brussels WP meetup group is starting a plugin creation project, kick-off on wednesday October 30th. The aim of the project is to help people learn, teach or improve their skills in:
• How to make a plugin
• WordPress coding conventions
• Plugin security best practices
• Git – working with code repositories
• Team work and planning

All info on www.meetup.com