@wpbru: meetup and launch of themosis

Julien Lambé is giving the first public demo of the Themosis framework next week, Tuesday, March 18, 2014, at the Brussels WordPress meetup.

It looks like a pretty modern development framework, with syntax like Laravel http://www.themosis.com

He’ll be giving pre-release access to people that attend.

It would be great to see you there http://www.meetup.com/wp-bru/events/151968882/

We have a new venue and a great bar!

Can you also help spread the word to the more technical users in your network please.


@wpbru: Plug-in Creation Project

The Brussels WP meetup group is starting a plugin creation project, kick-off on wednesday October 30th. The aim of the project is to help people learn, teach or improve their skills in:
• How to make a plugin
• WordPress coding conventions
• Plugin security best practices
• Git – working with code repositories
• Team work and planning

All info on www.meetup.com

A new start for a Belgium WordPress community ?

It came to our attention that there finally starts being something as a Belgian WordPress community. Hooray!

Gilbert West started a regular, Brussels based, WordPress meetup every third tuesday of the month.

Also, in the wake of WordCamp Europe, Kristof Loyens wants to gather people in Limburg through meetups and maybe what more.

And Veerle and I (Tom) were a long time looking to set stuff up in Antwerp..but felt a bit ‘lost’ without a present community. So, now everyone is coming out of the woodwork:  “Let’s build a goddamn Belgian WordPress community”*

And also, before anyone else starts yet another place-to-meet online (no offense), I welcome you all to group these events here, under one easily-findable umbrella, while each maintains their own specific way of organising/presenting etc.
But that at least there’s one place where you can find meetup-news for Belgian WordPress users, in a similar way that is used abroad, e.g. wpmeetup.nl 

Which eventually should lead to a culmination in the form of a real, delicious Belgian WordCamp.

We already possess this domain, two twitter accounts @wordcampbe and @wpmeetupbe, so promoting your events can happen there as well, to have a bigger reach, to widen the audience and to keep everyone informed and push the enthusiasm even further..

I’d be happy to hear from all of you in the comments, or maybe discuss this in, I don’t know, A MEETUP ? :)

kind regards, Tom.

* small reference to the Oatmeal’s “let’s build a goddamn tesla museum”